LY-TEC additives from Ingelheim, Germany 

Dear customers, dear business partners,


for 20 years, the company LY-TEC has been producing and selling special additives for the rubber and plastic industry.


Due to our experience, our efforts to develop the best material and especially our discussions with you, we have been and are successful in adapting our products to the needs of the market.
So, we are in a position to find solutions that help to convert your raw materials efficiently into high-grade final products.


By a strict quality control according to ISO 9001 and a comprehensive environmental management according to ISO 14001, we guarantee a constant high product quality without neglecting the requirements of the environmental protection.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
We`ll be glad to advise you and to look for the most suitable solution to your special inquiry.





LY-COR MB12 Masterbatch

Standard quality, effective for all metals, nitrosamine-free according to Reach tested by the BSFV with very good effectiveness. Transparent color or according to customer requirements colorized.

LY-COR MB 12 N Masterbatch

FDA approval for food contact, nitrosamine-free (0%), effective for all metals. Tested by the BFSV with very good effectiveness. Transparent color, can be colored according to customer specifications. Volkswagen approval.

LY-COR Powder

VCI Powder to be used as a VCI donor if distance of 30 cm between metal and surface can not be guaranteed, due to large size of packages.


VCI Oil can be used in fuel tanks for example. 



LY-TEC VCI packaging Film evaporate LY-COR MB12 VCIs (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) to protect metals for years. Use LY-COR MB12 multimetal Film to protect metal components against rust and corrosion. For additional protection and use in challenging environments, packaging can be used with LY-COR VCI diffuser products – LY-COR Powder. 

LY-TEC is the inventor of BIO-VCI technology, a special VCI masterbatch to be used with PLA films - Ly-Cor MB 12 BIO.

LY-COR MB12 film have proven their performance and safety of usage worldwide for over 20 years. It is used to protect valuable metal items for manufacturers in industries such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace and mining. 


LY-TEC uses transparent colors that allows easy visual inspection and identification of parts. The easy-to-use, safe, effective packaging is good for long-term storage, export shipments, in-process assembly. 

Formulations to meet unique applications and fit into any program budget.

Odorless, safe, non-toxic, recyclable. 

Heat sealable, tear-resistant, moisture-resistant.

- Nitrite-free, amine-free, plant-based formulations 


Broad Selection:

LY-COR MB12 Films are available in stock and custom sizes to meet your specific application:

- Flat and reclosable bags
Pre-opened bags on a roll
Perforated, loose and zippered bags 

- Tubing
Gusset bags (popular large sizes are in stock) Fabricated bags 


Specialty Film Products: 

High strength, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant films 

VCI-lined fabric bags and shrouds 

UV stable shrink and barrier films Bonnets and covers 

Custom colors



What are the advantages of LY-COR MB12 VCI films?


  • Reliable corrosion free and long term protection for your products
  • Cost savings for your company
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • No health and safety hazards
  • Simple and secure applications
  • Eliminates the use of protective oils and greases, and also the need to wash the items prior to components usage
  • Reliable and prompt technical advice from the LY-TEC team, together with a product range and customisation options to address your particular requirements
  • Used by global leaders (VW, Mercedes, Thyssenkrupp and Ford) in the industry.

















General Manager

Dr. Boris Steinbrunn


More products on offer for the rubber segment

We have enlarged our product range significantly: Accelerators, retarders, waxes and kickers for exothermic blowing agents may help you to produce your rubber batches.

Our new product on offer:

CSM - chlorosulfonated polyethylene.

After the production of Hypalon has been stopped, we are able to offer a product of high quality comparable to types 40 and 40S.

LY-COR MB12 Multimetal Film  protects some metal parts during transport and storage against corrosion.        

LY-COR MB12 film have proven their performance and safety of usage worldwide for over 20 years. It is used to protect valuable metal items for manufacturers in industries such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace and mining.